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The internet is currently abound with false assumptions and misinformation about the game, so I thought I'd take the chance to clear up some uncertainties. Because, as we all know, you can hurt yourself in confusion...

1. You can catch every Pokemon without leaving the country: False (but you can hatch them)

There are four region-specific Pokemon that you won't find in the wild anywhere else. They are:
  • Farfetch'd -- Asia
  • Tauros -- North America
  • Mr. Mime -- Europe
  • Kangaskhan -- Australia
Regardless of where you live, all four of these region-locked Pokemon can be acquired by hatching 5KM and 10KM eggs, so get walking!

2. You can pick up missed Pokeballs by tapping on them: False

Many players have claimed that you can re-collect your stray Pokeballs. This is not the case. Although tapping Pokeballs after a failed throw might make it look like they're being gathered, they do not return to your backpack. So aim straight and true, trainer! (

3. Pokemon GO will be limited to Generation 1: False

Niantic has stated that they intend to add every generation of Pokemon to the game, though exactly when remains a mystery. One dedicated player has already caught 'em all, so it's probably a safe bet to say that as more trainers catch up, we'll start to see different species in the game.

4. Spinning Pokestops faster gives you more items: False

The quality of items collected from Pokestops is based on your trainer level, so you can stop that furious swiping. Pokestops will reset every five minutes, even if you're sitting right on top of them.

5. Weather affects Pokemon spawns: False

This is a question many players have had, but according to numberous reports the weather will not affect which Pokemon are available. However, time of day does matter as certain mons will spawn at predetermined points throughout the day.

6. Be wary of Photoshops -- These Pokemon are not available

Despite a lot of doctored shots claiming otherwise, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ditto, Mew and Mewtwo cannot be caught (for now). It's presumed these rare critters will become available through specially organized events. For now, any trainer who claims to have caught one is lying. (

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